This challenge is for those of you that want to target multiple species.

You have from April 1st until August 31st to catch as many species as you can.

Each angler can submit one fish of each species they catch and can upgrade to a bigger fish at any time.

After August 31st, the anglers with A) the most species caught, and B) the longest stringer, will win.


  • $10 per angler to participate, you can pay me directly or through PayPal
  • Fish must be caught with rod and reel and cannot be foul hooked or snagged
  • Any legal bait may be used
  • Fishable waters are any PUBLIC waters within a 325 mile radius of 39.11 Latitude,-94.59 Longitude
  • When you catch a fish, place it on your hawg trough and snap a picture for length (make sure mouth is closed where possible). You may have to get creative with some species as they can get longer than the hawg trough, use an additional measuring device like a tape measure or yard stick so the extra length can be judged accurately. Multiple pictures are allowed and encouraged so we can get an accurate length. Please also submit a clear picture of the fish in the case that your hand covers it on the hawg trough so we can positively identify the species, if identifying marks are covered I won't be able to verify the species. 
  • Kayaks, canoes or tubes may be used to catch fish. Must be man-powered, no motorized vessels. If you are unsure if it counts feel free to ask and I will let you know. You must be able to see the vessel in the picture for it to count.
  • Photos are to be submitted to kckayakangler@gmail.com with "multispecies challenge" in the subject header. Please include the species being submitted and the location where it was caught. One species per submission.
  • 100% payout; half to most species caught, half to longest stringer. 
  • Anglers can enter at any time. Those that enter prior to April 1st will be sent an identifier the evening of March 31st. Any angler who enters after April 1st will be sent an identifier within 24 hours of funds received.