1. You must have the following items at check-in:
    • kayak (duh)
    • A PFD (life preserver) as required by law and whistle (must be worn at all times)
    • A valid fishing license
    • An approved measuring device*
    • A camera* 
  2. You must follow all rules and regulations set by the park or body of water you are fishing on.
  3. Be respectful of all other people fishing, keep a safe distance.
  4. Only artificial baits/lures/flies will be permitted unless otherwise noted per tournament.
  5. You can have as many poles/rods as you want, but can only use one at a time.
  6. C/P/R (catch/photograph/release) method will be used for scoring. 
  7. Bass must be a minimum 8″ to count towards your total. Only your longest 5 fish will count towards your final score. Black bass only for core tournaments. (For multispecies events, the 8″ minimum does not apply)
  8. The group as a whole assumes no liability for any injuries or accidents that occur during a tournament. By participating in any           tournament, you are hereby assuming all liability for any injuries or accidents that occur to your person/property.
  9. Tournament cost is $25 to participate (KBF Trail Tournaments are $75 ) (Benefit tournaments and non-core  tournaments will have payouts or prize listings advertised separately)
    1. Payouts:
      • 1-9 Anglers
        • 1st
      • 0-19 Anglers
        • 1st
        • 2nd
      • 20-29 Anglers
        • 1st
        • 2nd
        • 3rd
      • 30-39 Anglers
        • 1st
        • 2nd
        • 3rd
        • 4th
      • 40+ Anglers
        • 1st
        • 2nd
        • 3rd
        • 4th
        • 5th
      • Big Bass – $5 x # of anglers
    2. Prizes:
      1. TBD
    3. Big Bass Prize
      1. TBD
    4. Smallest fish
      1. NEKKA'D Lil Guppy award
  10. There is no membership fee required to fish any of our tournaments
  11. If any prizes potentially conflict with an angler’s pro-staff position (i.e. an angler sponsored by a rod manufacturer other than Manley Rods) that prize will go on to the next eligible angler. We ask that each angler that wins a Manley Rod either posts a review once they’ve had a chance to use it or sends a review to the tournament director to be posted on their behalf. We understand that this can conflict with an angler’s current pro-staff position and don’t want to cause any conflicts of interest. Please let us know up front if you have any pro-staff positions or sponsors that could potentially conflict with any of NEKKA’s sponsors. Thank you!

* The Hagen’s Hawg Trough or Ketch measuring board are our official measuring devices. Fish will be rounded down to the nearest 1/4″. Fish measured with mouth closed (1 point (inch) deduction for mouth open) facing left. 

* Cameras must be able to be plugged into a laptop via USB cable or removable SD card to retrieve pictures. Cell phones may be used as long as pictures are easily accessible via laptop. All pictures shall have the tournament ID included in them. Judging will take place on the screen of the camera unless a laptop is needed to get a clear view. Please cull your photographs prior to turning in your camera or phone, one photo per fish and only your top 5 fish submitted to make judging faster.

*All rules apply unless otherwise stated at the captain’s meeting. Special tournaments or meetups may have a separate set of rules that may be set at the time of the captain’s meeting. 


* 100 points for tournament win

* Decreases by 1 points per place with a qualifying fish catch during event

* 30 points guaranteed minimum for participation

     – Get Skunked = 30 points

* Best 5 tournaments count towards Angler of the Year

     – If you fish more than 5 tournaments, you drop your lowest scores to get a top 5 tournament score

Measuring Your Fish:

In the picture below,

#1 is correct. Mouth is closed, lines are darkened, ID is clear, eye is uncovered and hand is OVER the gill plate, not in it.

#2 is incorrect. Mouth is open, ID isn’t visible.

#3 is incorrect. ID isn’t completely visible, lines aren’t darkened making it hard to get an accurate length.